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Games Like Vinoga

Games Like Vinoga Work hard and make effort to make your little family estate a vast vine yard to produce wine.

Take charge in growing the vines and master wine-making processes to grow your business.

Discover real life wines while exploring the vastness of the game and earn from these masterpieces.
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Games Like Farmandia


8.9 Rate In Farmandia you can build your own paradise farm filled with real, imagined and exotic animals.
Build up your own farm from scratch.

Harvest your plants and animals.

Sell your harvests for profit in the local market.
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Games Like Farm Tales

Farm Tales

9 Rate With Farm Tales you are given a small farm that you can turn into a huge place full of crops and fun.

Manage your crops and sell them for profit.

Use your mill and other machines to make special items.

Complete quests for the villagers and upgrade your farm.
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Games Like Happy Farm

Happy Farm

7.9 Rate Farming games provide you with a relaxing way of passing the time, and with the help of Happy Farm you can do just that, while taking care of your own virtual farm.

Build your farm up from a small plot to a huge farmstead.

Grow crops and sell them at the market.

Raise animals and watch them grow on your farm.
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Games Like Happy Acres

Happy Acres

8 Rate Try Happy Acres and enjoy a fabulous and very cute farm management game. Grow crops and feed animals as you build your farm up.

Build up a huge farm from a small farmhouse.

Grow crops and feed your animals.

Sell your good for profit.
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Games Like Farm Up

Farm Up

8.6 Rate Manage your own farm and turn a run down building into a fabulous place all of your own. Grow crops, manage animals and sell your products all over the country in a free new game.

Grow plants for quests and then sell them for large amounts of money.

Build your dream farm with decorative items and upgrades to your buildings.

Enjoy beautiful graphics and simple gameplay.
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Games Like Golden Frontier

Golden Frontier

8.6 Rate Seek out a fortune like no other while mining gold.

Explore the vast land for gold and other precious resources.

Engage with other players and trade gold and other resources with them.
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Games Like FarmLand


- Rate Reclaim your late uncle's farm and estate with the help of your uncle's butler

Grow crops, raise animals and produce a variety of delicious foodstuff for sale

Complete orders to earn money and be sure to add neighbors so you can exchange gifts
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Games Like Country Life

Country Life

8.4 Rate Liked the country life? You can live it virtually in the game Country Life!

Plant crops and harvest them for the market or as fodder for your farm animals.

Grow your farm to accommodate more animals, trees, farm plots and buildings!
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Games Like Happy Zoo

Happy Zoo

8 Rate Build animal enclosures full of cute creatures.

Decorate your zoo and build refreshment booths.

Feed your animals and make sure they are well looked after.
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Games Like Choco Woods

Choco Woods

1 Rate Experience a magical farming experience filled with surprise.

Raise amazing creatures on your farm ranging from simple chickens to towering dragons.

Give your friends a helping hand by assisting them with their farm in various different ways.
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Games Like Farm Town 2

Farm Town 2

8.8 Rate Create a wonderful farm of your own full of crops and animals.

Create more room for your farm as you expand it and attempt to bring it back to its former glory.

Sell your harvested crops for money so that you can buy new objects for your farm.
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Games Like Daisyland


7.1 Rate Start out from a small patch of land and work your way up to building an entire farming estate.

Buy, sell and raise a variety of different animals and watch them grow on your farm.

Keep farming and level up so that you can unlock new items for your farm.
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Games Like Cloud Kingdom

Cloud Kingdom

8.5 Rate Help the Prince and Princess recover their kingdom from the evil wizard.

Unite the floating islands and trade your goods with them to help out.

Use the magical Furries skills to help you collect materials and crops.
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Games Like FarmVille


8.2 Rate FarmVille is a brilliant farm simulation game where you can build and maintain a farm of your own while also being able to assist your friends in their farm.

You’ll be able to build your farm completely according to your preferences.

There will be multitudes of options available to help you customize your farm according to your liking.

The game will work in real-time so you can see how your farm is doing.
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Games Like Eco Farm

Eco Farm

7.8 Rate Enjoy an epic city builder experience where you start from scratch and aim to achieve massive goals.

Turn your rather simple plot of land into the flourishing business of your dreams.

Utilize various different structures and facilities to earn income that you can use to upgrade your city.
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