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Games Like Royal Rush

Games Like Royal Rush Enjoy an epic combination of city building and farming games filled with tons of fun and engaging things to do.

Rebuild your kingdom and bring it back to its once prosperous state.

Play with friends and help each other in various ways so that everyone may progress.
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Games Like Village Life

Village Life

9.5 Rate Experience an incredibly unique and exciting game that makes you keep track of multiple different people.

Utilize your villagers and assign all of them something to do so that your village may grow quicker.

Watch as your villagers get older, get married and then have children who will follow in the same foot-steps.
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Games Like Birds Town

Birds Town

10 Rate Enjoy this really addictive cross between farming and city building games.

Create your own flourishing society after escaping from the ruthless Bloodhound Cat gang.

Explore new areas around the world where you can expand your society even further.
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Games Like Alice Greenfingers

Alice Greenfingers

- Rate Plant your crops and wait for them to be ready for harvest.

Take your harvested crops to the market to sell for in-game cash.

Adjust preferred prices accordingly in response to market demands to attract more customers.
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Games Like Alice Greenfingers 2

Alice Greenfingers 2

- Rate Join Alice in her new farm adventure.

Plant seeds, harvest crops and sell them to the market for a price.

Upgrade your farm to improve its capabilities.
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Games Like Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch

6.8 Rate Serve fresh produce on your very own cafe using the lot of home grown crops and livestock.

Earn cash from attending diners and crop or livestock trades with friends in the game.

Decorate your dreamland according to your preference from a wide variety of available items.
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Games Like Astro Garden

Astro Garden

8.7 Rate Enter a wonderful world filled with mysteries to uncover.

Investigate mysterious anomalies in this sci-fi/fantasy farming simulator.

Turn your normal plot of land into a flourishing farm and research facility.
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Games Like Charm Farm

Charm Farm

8.8 Rate When your magical kingdom is attacked by the evil wizard you have to rebuild it all up before he comes back.

With the help of your Shmoo's plant crops, build new homes and find the resources you need.

Share items with your friends as you rekindle hope and the chance to live peacefully.
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Games Like Happy Land

Happy Land

- Rate Immerse yourself in a delightful farming experience filled with charming visuals.

Enjoy amazing social features that will make you want to bring more of your friends to join the experience as well.

Raise animals and grow crops in a new version of the classic farm game.
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Games Like Barn Story

Barn Story

- Rate Manage your very own ranch.

Plant crops, and use produce to create new products that you can sell.

Take care of livestock and use their produce to earn money.
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Games Like Pioneers


- Rate Enjoy this excellent game that blends together the elements of both city-building and farming games.

Help the pioneers build up their village from scratch and turn it into one of the most prosperous places in existence.

Visit friends to help them out with their villages in any way you can.
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Games Like Treasure Bay Farm

Treasure Bay Farm

- Rate Build the farm of your dreams in this immersive game that you’ll be able to get lost in for countless hours.

Expand and acquire new land as you progress through the game to grow your farm even further.

Visit your friends and help them out with their farms in order to collect some additional bonuses.
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Games Like Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley

8 Rate Enjoy this exciting simulation game that’ll allow you to build your very own paradise.

Purchase various kinds of decorations from the shop to make your islands look beautiful.

Plant many beautiful crops and harvest them for a profit or to make new items.
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Games Like Happy New Year Farm: Christmas

Happy New Year Farm: Christmas

- Rate Help Santa Claus as he tries to build his very own farm at the North Pole.

Turn your simple piece of land into a massive farm that produces all kinds of goods.

Manufacture different kinds of toys for Santa to deliver to the kids.
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Games Like Wonderland


- Rate Help grow the humble village of wonderland to become a populous and magnificent city.

Create houses and sustainable economy to entice people to move in your city and grow it even more.

Raise specific produce and process them in factories and plants to sell higher priced products.
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Games Like Country Life Meadows

Country Life Meadows

2 Rate Build the farm of your dreams in this addicting farming game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Grow various kinds of fruits and vegetables as you make your way through the game and use them to make multiple kinds of products.

Expand your land in order to get even more room to grow your farm.
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