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Games Like Let’s Farm!

Games Like Let’s Farm! Build a big and productive farm of your own... From scratch.

Accomplish quests and do tasks to gain levels, and unlock new seeds and buildings.

Try your luck everyday at the Wheel of Fortune!
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Games Like 3rd World Farmer

3rd World Farmer

- Rate Farm in the 3rd world and prosper into a progressive family in 3rd World Farmer.

Grow crops, manage farm animals and make profits at the end of the year.

Manage your family members, send your kids to school and much more.
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Games Like Farm Days

Farm Days

10 Rate Develop your own farm in full three-dimensional graphics.

Feed your livestock, produce commodities and grow your crops.

Be your very own farmer in this exciting farm simulation game.
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Games Like Big Barn World: Social Farming

Big Barn World: Social Farming

- Rate Plant, grow and harvest a wide variety of crops, and raise a host of cute animals

Work cooperatively with your friends and plant crops in their friend plots

Sell off your harvest directly from your barn and make a huge profit
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Games Like My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

5.3 Rate Start growing crops and raising horse and other animals.

Earn bonuses and money completing quests.

Create your own perfect farm.
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Games Like Green Farm

Green Farm

10 Rate Create and nurture your own farm in any way you want.

Add animals, vegetables and sell them for a profit as you try to expand your farm.

Enjoy one of a kind graphics that bring your farm to life.
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Games Like Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy

- Rate Farm Frenzy Read More
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Games Like Farmerama


- Rate Farmerama is an online browser based farming simulation game where your job is to maintain a farm consisting of crops and animals etc.

Sow seeds and raise animals as you try to make your farm the greenest place there is.

The game has a huge world to explore and farm your heart out in.
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Games Like Journey 2050

Journey 2050

- Rate Enjoy this exciting farming game that’s going to teach you tons upon tons of helpful things.

Complete all the assigned tasks as quickly as you can to get a high rating at the end.

Monitor the health of your crops to ensure that they grow properly.
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Games Like Miramagia


10 Rate Build your own magical world and floating sky home in a brilliant simulation game.

Grow normal and magical crops for gold and great rewards.

Train your dragon and upgrade your buildings in this wonderful kingdom.
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Games Like Wauies


- Rate Set up your own virtual pet store and turn it into a thriving business

Buy, breed and sell the huge variety of pets available

Decorate your pet shop and attract more customers
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Games Like Magoia


10 Rate Plant crops and brew potions to fight off monsters.

Help out members of your tribe and get rewards.

Explore and learn more about the story of how the world survives the impending darkness.
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Games Like Zulu's Zoo

Zulu's Zoo

8 Rate Find the animals and objects in the zoo.

Play mini games to help you earn rewards.

Use the stars you collect as hints.
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Games Like Oasis: The Last Hope

Oasis: The Last Hope

6 Rate Travel to the mysterious land called Oasis and unlock the secrets surrounding the planet.

Gather resources of all types in order to advance in the game and upgrade facilities.

Complete quests and in-game goals in order to move on and level up.
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Games Like Cartoon City: Farm to Village

Cartoon City: Farm to Village

7.8 Rate Transform a small rural town into a bustling metropolis.

Send harvests to your businesses, while assisting citizens and visitors alike with tasks.

Experience a new way of playing farm games.
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Games Like FarmCliff


10 Rate Work to restore your farm after it has been devastated by a massive storm

Harvest crops, raise animals, and gather resources from your surroundings

Travel to different locations to gather special resources to craft tools and building materials
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