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Games Like Latifundia

Games Like Latifundia Plant and wait for crops to grow, and sell them.

Feed your animals, and sell their produce.

Plant trees, harvest their fruits and sell the fruits to earn cash.
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Games Like Barn Story

Barn Story

- Rate Manage your very own ranch.

Plant crops, and use produce to create new products that you can sell.

Take care of livestock and use their produce to earn money.
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Games Like Youda Safari

Youda Safari

- Rate Show your visitors around in your own safari park in Youda Safari.

Take care of the customers as quick as you can as time runs out.

Make the perfect strategy and unlock a huge variety of safaris around the globe.
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Games Like Country Story

Country Story

- Rate Get a chance to manage your own farm in Country Story.

Grow crops, plant trees and pet farm animals.

Produce delicious food items and complete the tasks to earn revenue.
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Games Like Happy Ranch

Happy Ranch

9 Rate Build and operate your very own virtual ranch in this brilliant farm simulation game

Harvest crops and collect animal produce, and use them create more valuable goods

Have fun decorating your ranch to make it as unique as possible
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Games Like Farm Mania Match-3

Farm Mania Match-3

3 Rate Manage your very own farm through match-3 games in Farm Mania.

Complete match-3 stages to unlock new cool items for your farm.

Get the collectibles and craft items to make your farm look beautiful.
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Games Like Farmdale


7.3 Rate Enjoy this immersive farm game that'll give you the opportunity to make a massive farm of your own.

Expand your farm to explore the mysterious world and uncover all the secrets it holds.

Complete quests whenever you get the chance to gain a massive amount of currency and experience.
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Games Like Farm All Day

Farm All Day

5 Rate Manage your own farm in the amazing game play of Farm All Day.

Grow crops, pet farm animals and start earning by completing orders.

Decorate your farm with statues and beautiful flowers.
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Games Like Diamond Peak

Diamond Peak

10 Rate Start your adventure in a deserted land and start your own dream town in Diamond Peak.

Interact with the locals, forge strong bonds with the mayor, and become well known throughout the town.

Manage your resources, perform tasks for the locals, and even take care of your own vegetable farm!
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Games Like Let's Farm

Let's Farm

- Rate Play an exciting farm game with just your mobile device.

Process orders for your neighbors and entertain visitors in order to earn in-game cash.

Grow your farm so it can become more productive and lucrative for you.
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Games Like Star Farm 2

Star Farm 2

2 Rate Plant and grow a variety of crops with your friends while building the best farm in the world.

Manage your farm, raise and feed your livestock like cows and poultry like chickens, and watch your crops and animals grow.

Build industrial buildings and decorate your farm to make it look aesthetically amazing.
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Games Like Barn Story: Farm Day

Barn Story: Farm Day

- Rate Grow crops, pet farm animals and sell your produce in Barn Story: Farm Day.

Decorate your farm with the most beautiful fountains, statues, flowerbeds and much more.

Manage the farm and earn revenues to keep earning profits.
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Games Like Farm Mania

Farm Mania

- Rate Manage your grandfather’s farm and earn him some revenue in Farm Mania.

Complete the objectives and unlock new farm animals, crops and latest farming equipment.

Test your strategy skills in the timed arcade mode or enjoy the casual mode of the game.
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Games Like Wonderful Farm

Wonderful Farm

- Rate Plant, harvest, make food, sell – there’s more to farming!

Grow your farming business and make savvy business decisions.

Enjoy a farm simulation game unlike any other.
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Games Like Farm Girl at the Nile

Farm Girl at the Nile

- Rate Build a farm in the middle of an Egyptian oasis.

Live the ancient days of Egyptian civilization.

Test your patience and marketing strategies.
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Games Like Royal Garden

Royal Garden

8 Rate Rescue the kingdom from the darkness.

Restore order and productivity by building houses and tending to the farm.

Reclaim more lands from the mist by harvesting light energy.
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