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Games Like Klondike

Games Like Klondike Turn a simple ghost town into a prosperous and popular city that everyone wants to be a part of.

Visit your friends and help them out in various different ways.

Enjoy great visuals of a flourishing city that you put together from start to finish.
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Games Like Charm Farm

Charm Farm

8.6 Rate When your magical kingdom is attacked by the evil wizard you have to rebuild it all up before he comes back.

With the help of your Shmoo's plant crops, build new homes and find the resources you need.

Share items with your friends as you rekindle hope and the chance to live peacefully.
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Games Like Astro Garden

Astro Garden

8.8 Rate Enter a wonderful world filled with mysteries to uncover.

Investigate mysterious anomalies in this sci-fi/fantasy farming simulator.

Turn your normal plot of land into a flourishing farm and research facility.
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Games Like The Dynasty: American Dream

The Dynasty: American Dream

8 Rate Return back home and renovate your entire farm to bring it back to its former glory days.

Plants crops and harvest them to either sell them off for currency or utilize them to make other goods.

Help out your friends with their farms by visiting them and performing tasks like watering their crops.
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Games Like Happy Land

Happy Land

- Rate Immerse yourself in a delightful farming experience filled with charming visuals.

Enjoy amazing social features that will make you want to bring more of your friends to join the experience as well.

Raise animals and grow crops in a new version of the classic farm game.
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Games Like Farland


- Rate Rescue your shipwrecked crew and build a new life for yourself in the wilderness known as Farland

Plant and harvest a variety of crops, fish for fishes, and raise many types of animals

Collect resources from your surroundings be it stone, wood or grass
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Games Like Hay Bay Farm

Hay Bay Farm

5 Rate Enjoy this delightful farming game that seems to be a cut above from everything else that this genre has to offer.

Utilize the tons of tools available at your disposal to build a breathtaking farm.

Play with friends and visit each other to help out in different ways.
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Games Like From Farm to City: Dynasty

From Farm to City: Dynasty

- Rate Start and fuel the growth of an empire from scratch in this brilliant management game.

Explore the different states for their vast deposits of natural resource and business opportunities.

Manage your town’s trades and resources to promote productivity and growth.
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Games Like Taonga


8.5 Rate Build your own farm in an abandoned island together with your helpers.

Harvest resources and fulfill orders in order to accumulate funds that you’ll need to develop the island.

Invite your friends to play and take on tasks together for rewards.
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Games Like Coral Isle

Coral Isle

7.6 Rate Produce a sustainable means of living as you as you try to survive in a deserted foreign isle.

Forage for food, building materials and produce different crops to earn your way to survival.

Enjoy an intricate farming game that houses several tasks and chores as you progress.
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Games Like Oasis: The Last Hope

Oasis: The Last Hope

- Rate Travel to the mysterious land called Oasis and unlock the secrets surrounding the planet.

Gather resources of all types in order to advance in the game and upgrade facilities.

Complete quests and in-game goals in order to move on and level up.
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Games Like Free Farm Game

Free Farm Game

- Rate Create and nurture your own farm in this one of a kind farming game.

Add a variety of buildings and upgrade them to make the most out of your farm.

Explore a visually appealing farm and enrich it with new, exciting items at all times.
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Games Like Fantasy Garden

Fantasy Garden

1 Rate Enjoy a delightful farming experience filled with magical creatures and amazing sights.

Visit your friends’ farms to help them out with things and even earn some bonuses while you do so.

Unlock new land as you progress through the game to make your farm grow even more.
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Games Like Magic Islands

Magic Islands

5.5 Rate Embark on a magical journey in this amazing simulation game full of mystery and fun.

Create a majestic farm by planting magnificent crops and raising mythical animals that have an incredible amount of beauty.

Assist your friends by helping them with their farm in various different ways when they’re not around.
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Games Like Ice Age World

Ice Age World

- Rate Build your own farm, plant delicious fruits and help the inhabitants of Ice Age.

Turn raw farm produce into delicious meals and useful items that will help your kingdom survive.

Visit your friends’ farms and trade goods to earn in game currency.
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Games Like Cartoon City: Farm to Village

Cartoon City: Farm to Village

7 Rate Transform a small rural town into a bustling metropolis.

Send harvests to your businesses, while assisting citizens and visitors alike with tasks.

Experience a new way of playing farm games.
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