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Games Like Gardenscapes: New Acres

Games Like Gardenscapes: New Acres Restore the garden to its former glory in this epic match-3 game.

Play a huge variety of increasingly challenging levels in Gardenscapes.

Decorate your garden with beautiful benches, flowers, fountains and much more.
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Games Like My Happy Farm Daily

My Happy Farm Daily

- Rate Grow crops, pet farm animals and decorate your farm in My Happy Farm Daily.

Manage your resources and complete the orders to earn revenue.

Level up and unlock more variety of crops, trees, decorations and much more.
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Games Like Magoia


10 Rate Plant crops and brew potions to fight off monsters.

Help out members of your tribe and get rewards.

Explore and learn more about the story of how the world survives the impending darkness.
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Games Like FarmCliff


10 Rate Work to restore your farm after it has been devastated by a massive storm

Harvest crops, raise animals, and gather resources from your surroundings

Travel to different locations to gather special resources to craft tools and building materials
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Games Like Charm Farm

Charm Farm

8.8 Rate When your magical kingdom is attacked by the evil wizard you have to rebuild it all up before he comes back.

With the help of your Shmoo's plant crops, build new homes and find the resources you need.

Share items with your friends as you rekindle hope and the chance to live peacefully.
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Games Like The Little Prince

The Little Prince

- Rate Build your farm your scratch in The Little Prince.

Grow delicious crops, feed farm animals and decorate your farm.

Craft useful tools and cook delicious meals to sell it to the merchant.
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Games Like Klondike


10 Rate Turn a simple ghost town into a prosperous and popular city that everyone wants to be a part of.

Visit your friends and help them out in various different ways.

Enjoy great visuals of a flourishing city that you put together from start to finish.
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Games Like Miracle City

Miracle City

- Rate Build your very own city in Miracle City - plant crops, construct a variety of structures, and make your citizens happy.

Decorate your city to inspire its inhabitants, making them work harder and more efficiently.

Gain access to a large variety of adorable buildings and decorations to make your city look as unique as possible.
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Games Like Molehill Empire

Molehill Empire

- Rate Enjoy a simple yet addictive gardening experience where you’ll have lots to do.

Explore various different parts of the big city such as the town hall or the many kinds of stores.

Clear obstacles in your garden to make more room for new decorations and objects that you’d like to place.
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Games Like Sunshine Acres

Sunshine Acres

- Rate Manage your time successfully and get the highest score for each stage.

Upgrade your farm to make it more productive.

Harvest and sell your produce to earn in-game cash.
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Games Like Dinopolis


- Rate Manage your own farm in a world of dinosaurs in Dinopolis.

Grow crops, pet farm animals and process raw produce.

Complete quests and earn to decorate your farm with beautiful statues and more.
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Games Like Funky Bay

Funky Bay

8.3 Rate Manage your own farm, make produce and sell it to your customers in Funky Bay.

Build different shops and produce valuable eatables from raw produce.

Sell your items to your customers and trade your produce with the city to earn revenue.
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Games Like My Free Circus

My Free Circus

10 Rate Put on a marvelous show in your very own virtual circus

Recruit and train a wide range of performers and show animals

Maximize your profits by opening up stalls to cater to the needs of your visitors
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Games Like Dream Farm: Harvest Story

Dream Farm: Harvest Story

- Rate Run your perfect farm town in Dream Farm: Harvest Story.

Grow crops, pet farm animals and produce delicious food items.

Make new friends and complete orders to generate revenue.
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Games Like Totem Story Farm

Totem Story Farm

- Rate Help a team of archaeologists that have been sent back in time to rebuild their future.

Manage your farm and local wildlife to create the items you need to survive.

Gain the friendship of the local tribe and they will help you out.
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Games Like Farm Slam

Farm Slam

- Rate Match various farm produce to collect them from the board

Use the many special crops and power-ups to overcome obstacles

Collect energy to place décor and use materials to restore rundown buildings
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