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Games Like Dreamfields

Games Like Dreamfields Immerse yourself in this fantasy world in which pretty much everything seems to be possible.

Interact with many mystical creatures like dragons and use them to acquire products that you can sell.

Turn your simple patch of land into one of the most beautiful farms out there.
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Games Like Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic

Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic

- Rate Enjoy this awesome game that flawlessly mixes together the best things about farming and city building games.

Collect magical creatures from across the world and build shelters for them in your kingdom.

Explore the enormous game world and uncover new territories to expand your kingdom to.
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Games Like Sunken Secrets

Sunken Secrets

- Rate Enjoy this unique and highly addictive farming game that’ll have you hooked.

Start from a simple patch of land and eventually transform it into one of the most magical and prosperous farms out there.

Do your part in stopping the curse of the Sea Witch from spreading any further.
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Games Like Candy Farm

Candy Farm

- Rate Undertake missions for the candy princess.

Farm and harvest various types of candies for in-game cash and production.

Keep the animals on your farm happy as you work to expand their living spaces.
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Games Like Farmdale


7.3 Rate Enjoy this immersive farm game that'll give you the opportunity to make a massive farm of your own.

Expand your farm to explore the mysterious world and uncover all the secrets it holds.

Complete quests whenever you get the chance to gain a massive amount of currency and experience.
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Games Like Dreamland Farm

Dreamland Farm

- Rate Get the real life farming experience in Dreamland Farm.

Grow a huge variety of delicious crops on your farm.

Process your fresh produce into valuable items.
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Games Like Farm Snow

Farm Snow

- Rate Become Santa and manage a magical farm in Farm Snow.

Make sure all the good children get their gifts.

Build toy factories, manage resources and decorate your farm.
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Games Like Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm

- Rate Build your very own farm in this innovative game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Socialize with players from around the world through the variety of available social features.

Expand your farm as you progress through the game to get more room for your crops and structure.
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Games Like Sky Garden Farm

Sky Garden Farm

- Rate Enjoy this innovative simulation game that’s quite unlike anything else you’ve seen before.

Build a beautiful garden in the sky and go as high as you possibly can.

Plant various kinds of magical crops in your sky garden and sell them to the markets below.
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Games Like Magic Country Fairytale Farm

Magic Country Fairytale Farm

- Rate Enter a magic world where you help a prince save a sleeping princess

Collect resources to build structures that will help you carry out your missions

Unlock new land and grow your fairy city
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Games Like The Joy of Farming

The Joy of Farming

- Rate Plant crops and sell them for a profit.

Keep your customers satisfied by keeping trade going.

Watch out for thieves – they will steal your produce.
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Games Like Magoia


10 Rate Plant crops and brew potions to fight off monsters.

Help out members of your tribe and get rewards.

Explore and learn more about the story of how the world survives the impending darkness.
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Games Like Molehill Empire

Molehill Empire

- Rate Enjoy a simple yet addictive gardening experience where you’ll have lots to do.

Explore various different parts of the big city such as the town hall or the many kinds of stores.

Clear obstacles in your garden to make more room for new decorations and objects that you’d like to place.
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Games Like My Free Farm

My Free Farm

- Rate Manage your own farm with crops, animals, flowers and facilities.

Submit to our customer’s demands and produce the crop they need to earn.

Trade among other online players in the market.
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Games Like Tuli's Farm

Tuli's Farm

- Rate Head on over to Tuli's Farm to play some fun, farm-themed hidden object games

Help Tuli find all the stuff she needed in various locations around the farm

Lend her a hand in building and expanding her farm

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Games Like Farm Day

Farm Day

- Rate Help the farmer search for his tools and animals in his very messy farm

Find all the items required within the time limit

Collect coins from scenes and use it to improve the farm

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