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Games Like Roblox

Games Like Roblox Roblox is a great game builder platform with many player-made games, allowing anyone to find a game to play or even create his own with funny graphics and easy to learn platform.

Roblox isn’t really a game, like an actor moving from acting to directing, Roblox allows anyone to move from the side of the gamer to behind the screen and design his or her own game in a friendly and easy to learn environment.

Roblox is an fantastic instrument for those who wished to build their own game but didn’t know how, its simplicity, combined with it’s endless possibilities, makes it a unique building game where your imagination and creativity is the limit. all you need is an dream, Roblox will provide you the tools to turn it into virtual reality.
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Games Like 2020: My Country

2020: My Country

- Rate Create a massive country of your own in this fast-paced and high addictive experience.

Play with friends and help each other out in various different ways.

Hire entrepreneurs to aid you in successfully running all that you’ve built up.
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Games Like Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo

9 Rate Create and customize your own underwater paradise in Free Aqua Zoo

Head out to the fishing hole and try your luck at catching “the big one”

Collect a variety of exotic and beautiful fishes and make sure you remember to feed them
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Games Like My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

9 Rate Construct and manage your own zoo in this addictive experience filled with great fun.

Expand your zoo as you progress through the game so that you can house more fun activities for visitors.

Earn achievements along the way every time you do something noteworthy in the game to help keep you motivated.
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Games Like Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel

10 Rate Find your own place in Habbo Hotel, where you can meet everyone and have casual fun.

Enjoy the many different rooms, with different games and activities for your virtual life amusement.

Meet friends, play games and express yourself in a cool and popular environment.
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Games Like Transport Empire

Transport Empire

10 Rate Start with nothing and build up your flourishing transport empire that everyone wants to be a part of.

Buy new and improved vehicles for much more faster and efficient transport in all your areas.

Upgrade all your structures so that they may yield more resources that will drive your empire even further.
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Games Like Tropical Forest

Tropical Forest

- Rate Combine the matching fruits and have a blast!

Rebuild and shape the old tropical café the way you want it to be!

Make the place alive and attractive again for customers to visit.
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Games Like Happy Home - Design & Decor

Happy Home - Design & Decor

- Rate Make your dreams come true by helping your clients create the house of their dreams

Set your imagination free and express yourself through the art of interior decorating

Pick each piece of furniture personally and redecorate to create a cozy and tasteful home
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Games Like Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

- Rate Enjoy this phenomenal Mario game that’s certain to have its players hooked.

Travel through many different game worlds on your epic journey.

Efficiently navigate through the levels to get a high score at the end.
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Games Like Gardenscapes: New Acres

Gardenscapes: New Acres

- Rate Restore the garden to its former glory in this epic match-3 game.

Play a huge variety of increasingly challenging levels in Gardenscapes.

Decorate your garden with beautiful benches, flowers, fountains and much more.
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Games Like Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest

- Rate Match similarly colored cubes in order to attack your opponents and deal damage.

Be quick with your matches in order to prevent your opponents from attacking.

Match cubes that correspond to your character’s color in order to charge up their special attacks.
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Games Like Family Zoo: The Story

Family Zoo: The Story

10 Rate Restore your family zoo in this epic match-3 game Family Zoo: The Story.

Introduce a huge variety of cute animals in your zoo.

Decorate your zoo with beautiful flowers, decorations and stands.
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Games Like Mahjong Quest by Hash Cube

Mahjong Quest by Hash Cube

- Rate Play mahjong anytime, anywhere.

Test your keen eye for details while under time pressure.

Share your progress and play with your friends.
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Games Like Paddington Run

Paddington Run

- Rate Run as Paddington the Bear around London collecting marmalade jars.

Collect power-ups to boost the speed or double your collection.

Gain experience in order to customize Paddington’s look and abilities.
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Games Like Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir - The Official Game

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir - The Official Game

- Rate Run through obstacles in Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir - The Official Game.

Collect orbs and complete the objectives for a perfect score.

Enjoy an epic story line with amazing character transformations.
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Games Like Brix! Block Blast

Brix! Block Blast

- Rate Clear the playing field of colored bricks.

Relive the glory days of game-and-watch brick games with this mobile app.

Make patterns of at least three similarly colored bricks.
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