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Games Like Pou

Games Like Pou Take care of your alien pet in this fun addicting game Pou.

Feed, Bathe and Play fun mini games with your little pet.

Dress up your pet with a huge variety of customization options.
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Games Like Monster High

Monster High

- Rate Join the cool Monster High gang on their thrilling adventures!

Watch the Monster High webisodes or rock to the ‘We are Monster High’ song.

Meet the Monster High student body and learn to embrace your imperfections like they do!
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Games Like Shuffle Cats

Shuffle Cats

- Rate Beat your opponent to reaching the requisite number of points to win the level.

Take a shot at earning free rewards through the Hearts or Spades mini-game.

Download this exciting card game to your mobile device, and enjoy it anytime you have access to an Internet connection.
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Games Like Roblox


- Rate Roblox is a great game builder platform with many player-made games, allowing anyone to find a game to play or even create his own with funny graphics and easy to learn platform.

Roblox isn’t really a game, like an actor moving from acting to directing, Roblox allows anyone to move from the side of the gamer to behind the screen and design his or her own game in a friendly and easy to learn environment.

Roblox is an fantastic instrument for those who wished to build their own game but didn’t know how, its simplicity, combined with it’s endless possibilities, makes it a unique building game where your imagination and creativity is the limit. all you need is an dream, Roblox will provide you the tools to turn it into virtual reality.
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Games Like Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island

- Rate Meet new people and make new friends in this child-friendly virtual world game

Explore the whole island to find treasures, and set off on exciting story-based adventures

Design your own outfits and customize your penguin to your liking
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Games Like Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet

- Rate Create your own movies and cast your friends in them

Design fashionable clothes and decorate your home

Play fun mini-games, make new friends and chat with other players
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Games Like Flying Slime

Flying Slime

- Rate Swing among the tress with Slimie in Flying Slime.

Save Slime land from the evil harvester.

Play two exciting game modes and unlock cool slime characters.
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Games Like Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

10 Rate Slice the fruits like a ninja and look out for bombs.

Play the new Ghost Busters mode and capture ghosts to win huge rewards.

Level up to unlock cool blades and beautiful dojos to test your slicing skills in a thrilling game play.
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Games Like Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash SubZero

- Rate Enjoy this exciting sequel to the critically acclaimed mobile based platform game.

Complete multitudes of challenging levels as you make your way through the game.

Customize your block according to your preferences through the various available options.
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Games Like L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop

L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop

- Rate Aim and shoot to pop the colored balls in L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop.

Collect a huge variety of dolls along the way.

Keep aiming and shooting and don’t let the balls cross the line.
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Games Like Petal Pop Adventures

Petal Pop Adventures

- Rate Enjoy this exciting game that elevates traditional bubble shooting gameplay to a whole new level.

Play through tons upon tons of expertly crafted levels that are sure to test your skills.

Progress through the game to unlock various power-ups that’ll assist you in various ways.
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Games Like Vector


10 Rate Use your ultimate parkour skills to escape a hunter.

Jump over obstacles in this free running game and collect bonuses along the way.

Unlock challenging stages and jaw dropping parkour skills by clearing stages.
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Games Like Simon’s Cat – Pop Time

Simon’s Cat – Pop Time

10 Rate Play this exciting bubble shooter game and complete all the challenges it throws at you.

Complete the objective in each level as quickly as you can in order to get a high score at the end.

Enjoy daily events that’ll allow you to win various boosters if you can manage to accomplish the tasks they assign.
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Games Like Panda Jam

Panda Jam

- Rate Enjoy this delightful block busting game that’ll keep you hooked for hours.

Rescue the baby pandas from the evil baboon and bring them back safely to their mothers.

Explore tons of beautiful places as you try to rescue all the pandas that need your help.
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Games Like Bitter Sam

Bitter Sam

- Rate Play this fascinating puzzle game that you won’t be able to get enough of no matter how much you play.

Help Sam navigate past obstacles efficiently so he doesn’t end up losing his life.

Enjoy five different worlds, each with its own unique levels and twists.
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Games Like Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

- Rate Play this exciting Pokémon game that’s unlike anything the franchise has had to offer up until now.

Train and raise your own Magikarp and make it one of the best in your region.

Participate in contests to demonstrate your Magikarp’s skill to the world.
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