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Games Like Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale

Games Like Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale Play this highly addictive city builder game that’s set in the universe of one the hugely popular comic / cartoon series.

Start from scratch and unlock the entire town and renovate all of its buildings.

Meet new people and make new friends as you make your way through the game.
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Games Like 2020: My Country

2020: My Country

- Rate Create a massive country of your own in this fast-paced and high addictive experience.

Play with friends and help each other out in various different ways.

Hire entrepreneurs to aid you in successfully running all that you’ve built up.
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Games Like Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure

Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure

- Rate Enjoy this delightful match-3 game that implements a variety of new gameplay concepts into the mix.

Play delightful match-3 levels in which you'll actually have to go against another foe.

Start from scratch and build up an enormous kingdom for yourself.
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Games Like Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

- Rate Play this fun filled game that blends together time management elements with city buildng gameplay.

Complete the levels as quickly and efficiently as possible to get a high score.

Upgrade your structures to improve production and increase your income.
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Games Like Tropicats


- Rate Help the Tropicats rebuild their island in this exciting match-3 game that’s a step above all the rest.

Enjoy tons upon tons of expertly crafted levels that are sure to test your skills.

Make use of the power-ups at your disposal to make the challenging levels a tad bit easier.
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Games Like My Little Pony

My Little Pony

- Rate Immerse yourself in this superb city building game that takes place in the popular My Little Pony universe.

Help the ponies use their magic to eliminate the darkness that’s spreading.

Create your own beautiful city in which all the ponies can live with each other in peace.
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Games Like Sunshine Bay

Sunshine Bay

- Rate Build the beach-side city of your dreams and watch it grow.

Own your own fleet of luxurious yachts and send them on cruises to get the money you need to develop and expand your city.

Receive and service other yachts to earn amazing rewards.
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Games Like Wonka's World of Candy

Wonka's World of Candy

- Rate Help Willie Wonka restore his factory to its former glory and productivity.

Get the chance to be instrumental to the story that has fascinated people around the world.

Play Match 3 puzzles to earn stars and complete tasks.
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Games Like City Island 3

City Island 3

- Rate Play this excellent city builder game that’ll deliver hours upon hours of enjoyment.

Assist the people of your city by completing whatever quests they assign to you.

Utilize the in-game currency to speed up the constructions processes as quickly as possible.
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Games Like Tropic Trouble Match 3

Tropic Trouble Match 3

- Rate Play this exciting match-3 game that you can enjoy on the go on your mobile device.

Complete a variety of challenging levels that are sure to test your match-3 skills.

Acquire resources that’ll help you build new structures on the island that’s become your new home.
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Games Like The Sandbox

The Sandbox

9 Rate Play as an almighty god and craft your own world from scratch

Combine and discover new elements via an alchemy-type system

Enjoy the amazing retro pixel art and storylines in this game
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Games Like Doodle Grub

Doodle Grub

- Rate Help the snake eat apples and grow as long as it can in this highly addictive game.

Avoid hitting the monsters so that they don’t cut your size down in half.

Use the ladybug buff to gain spikes that’ll help you get rid of your enemies.
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Games Like Sims Free Play

Sims Free Play

10 Rate Get to play your favorite simulation game – now ported for the mobile devices.

Design, interact, follow up on a gig, and simply enjoy a virtual world filled with other live players.

Play dress-up, earn special careers, marry, and even have a baby in this wonderful game.
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Games Like Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

10 Rate Slice the fruits like a ninja and look out for bombs.

Play the new Ghost Busters mode and capture ghosts to win huge rewards.

Level up to unlock cool blades and beautiful dojos to test your slicing skills in a thrilling game play.
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Games Like Vector


10 Rate Use your ultimate parkour skills to escape a hunter.

Jump over obstacles in this free running game and collect bonuses along the way.

Unlock challenging stages and jaw dropping parkour skills by clearing stages.
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Games Like Hay Day

Hay Day

- Rate Own your very own patch of raw land and transform it to a bustling farm-produce factory.

Grow various fruits, veggies, and add in some variety of livestock to turn in a profit.

Dedicate raw material onto processing plants to earn more precious products to sell.
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