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Wonka's World of Candy

Wonka's World of Candy Review AndroidiOS Casual Zynga 3D
Games Like Wonka's World of Candy Play Now Help Willie Wonka restore his factory to its former glory and productivity.

Get the chance to be instrumental to the story that has fascinated people around the world.

Play Match 3 puzzles to earn stars and complete tasks.

Children from across the decades have been captivated by the story of Willie Wonka and his Chocolate Factory. A couple of movies have already been made touching on that very story, with the recent one starring Johnny Depp being a smashing success.

If you’re one of those who loved the story, haven’t you asked yourself once or twice, “How did Wonka ever get that huge factory off the ground?”

Well, with Wonka’s World of Candy, not only can you answer that question, you can also help the titular character build that huge chocolate factory.

First off, you need to download and install the app on your mobile device in order to play. The game can be installed for both iOS and Google Android through the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

As you’ll find out in the story, WIlly Wonka was away for quite some time exploring cities around the world. While he was away, the factory fell into disrepair as the workers were not going in to maintain the building.

That doesn’t deter the iconic Wonka, and he has hired YOU to help him out in revitalizing the factory before he reopens its doors to the world. As the game’s website says aptly, “The keys to the factory are yours!”

Your main goal in Wonka’s World of Candy is to earn Stars. Stars are your “payment” to do certain tasks within the virtual world. In order to earn stars, you will need to play Match 3 puzzles.

The basic rules of Match 3 gaming are here in force. You take away certain candies by matching 3 or more identical candies into a vertical or horizontal lines, and even L-shaped lines and boxes. The latter group results to special candies that triggers extra effects when paired off with their counterparts, like you would with normal candies.

Once you successfully finish a Match 3 puzzle, you then receive in-game cash and one Star. You can then finish tasks like planting a candy tree, repairing a dilapidated bench, or unlock the door of the Factory, which happens to be your first task from Mr. Wonka.

Wonka’s World of Candy totally revisits the mythos of the movie, and adds a few exclusive content like rooms in the factory that were not seen in the movie.

As you may have seen from the film, the factory is a huge edifice so there’s no shortage of tasks for you here. You can even customize the improvements that you make in the factory according to your own aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re a fan of the story/film, or somebody curious about the Chocolate Factory, this game is definitely for you. Download it now. It’s free!
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