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Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort Review Windows App StoreAndroidiOS Arcade G5 Entertainment 2D
Games Like Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort Play Now Play this fun filled game that blends together time management elements with city building gameplay.

Complete the levels as quickly and efficiently as possible to get a high score.

Upgrade your structures to improve production and increase your income.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is a very exciting time management game that’s a sequel to the hugely popular and critically acclaimed Virtual City 1. The great thing about these games is that they incorporate a whole lot of city builder elements into the traditional gameplay which not only adds a lot of depth to how the game plays but also makes the experience quite refreshing overall which is something that this genre definitely could use since most games tend to be quite similar to one another.

One thing worth mentioning about Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is that it’s definitely one of the more challenging time management games out there today so it can be rather difficult to get the hang of it at first. Fortunately, it comes with a really in-depth and engaging tutorial sequence that’s sure to give players all the information they need to know to play the game properly. However, if you feel confident in your skills then you can skip the tutorial altogether which is an option that veteran players will surely appreciate.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort utilizes the standard level based time management formula that’s been popular in the genre for many years now. When each level starts you’ll be assigned a specific set of tasks to complete and of course a set amount of time in which you need to complete said tasks. The objective is to of course complete all these tasks as quickly as possible by making efficient use of the resources that you have at your disposal. Tasks can be things like setting up routes for your resource trucks and assigning them to do things like delivering milk from the dairy to the mill or something else like delivering products from the bakery to the supermarket.

One of the best things about Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is that it doesn’t pigeonhole players into a certain kind of play-style. Each level has multitudes of different solutions and it’s completely up to you to carve your own path through it. This makes the gameplay feel much more freeing and the feeling that you’ll get upon completing a level will be much more satisfying since you’ll have figured out the solution completely on your own.

Onto the visuals, Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort might not be the best looking virtual world game available but it’s definitely no slouch. The artwork is fairly high quality, the animations are fluid and the colors are very fitting. The game could definitely use a bit of sharpening in some areas because it looks rather blurry from time to time but other than this it looks quite good.

The game is available for play on a trial basis in which you can try out a bunch of levels but if you want to enjoy all that it has to offer then you’ll need to purchase it for its standard price.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is a very addictive and enjoyable time management game that players will definitely find quite enjoyable.
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