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Pockie Ninja thumb

Pockie Ninja

Enter this much loved Anime world and create your own story.

Choose your fighting style and battle your way to glory.

Acquire items and skills and fight other players on your way to become the strongest ninja or shinigami.

Enter this much loved Anime world and create your own story.

Choose your fighting style and battle your way to glory.

Acquire items and skills and fight other players on your way to become the strongest Ninja or Shinigami.

In Pockie Ninja you can become a Naruto or Bleach character of your liking, level it, gain items, develop your skills and complete many quests. The first thing you choose is your gender and starting village. Those are the two attributes that will not change during the course of the game. You also pick your starting outfit which will show the character you choose to play.

These outfits not only change your look and character, they define your weapon type and your stats. During the game you can acquire new outfits, either by purchasing from shops or by getting lucky in raffles. Changing your outfit will accordingly change your character attributes, giving different bonuses as fit your play style.

Just like in the series, Pockie Ninja revolves around combat and missions. Missions are easily obtained from different NPCs in the world and varies from hunting and gathering quests to escort quests and boss monsters extermination. Some missions will teach you about the mechanics of the world such as pet raising, managing your house and using the upgrading system.

As you level you will gain higher stats which will affect your different combat feats (blocking, dodging, etc.) and of course, skills. Skills are based on the ninja techniques from the Naruto universe which adds a lot of flavor to Naruto fans. there are many skills to unlock and they will decide your battles outcome. Once you unlock a skill you can equip it so it will be used in combat.

The combat system is automatic, once you enter combat you cannot control your character so you need to be prepared with your current skills formation and equipment. Your character will then fight the opponent by using his weapon and skills. Attacks will be picked at random according to the chances built into each skill, while equipping the right set of skills will result in special combinations which will greatly increase your damage and will hasten your victory.

Pockie Ninja’s upgrade system is called Synthesis as it’s not only used to upgrade your current equipment and outfit, it is also used to create completely new items. There are thousands of possible combinations that will allow you to have fun with creating and finding new recipes. Equipment variations in the game are quite endless as you can also enhance your gear, giving it completely new bonuses or improving the new ones. Take your character to it’s maximum potential as you create your own unique set of armor in order to achieve the best results for your character.

There are plenty of combat types in the game, you can fight monsters and Bosses, catch pets, fight other players, have team battles and even tournaments with many participants fighting for glory. While you can duel other players for fun, there is a possibility to capture another player as a slave, giving you extra experience, but be careful, the slave might have powerful friends who will come to rescue him. Fighting others is a great way to find if your skills are good enough, and will also try to answer the eternal question of what is better, a Ninja or a Shinigami.

Since it's impossible to choose what to use during battles there is an option for consecutive battles, you can choose which enemy you wish to fight, how many times and the game will calculate how much time and money it will take. This way you can let your character fight in the background while you are busy with other stuff or even offline. This is a great way to gain experience and items while you are away from the game.

Many features in the game are randomly generated, giving you an entire new experience whenever you play. Exploration of the world will yield different results as you pick a card randomly that will decide whether you just found a rare item, a pet to capture or a monster to kill. The skill you get each turn is also picked at random as well as your equipment attributes and enhancements.

In the arena you can break jars and pick set cards on a daily basis after defeatong enough opponents to gain special set items and maybe even a new outfit. Pockie Ninja also features a cute pet system which will unlock special talents as you feed it and let it grow into a powerful aid, a Bankai that you can grow and develop.

The game interface is pretty simple with helpful tool tips for every icon, you can easily track your current quests, travel in the world and find enemies to beat. While the basics of the game are simple, finding the right gear, refining it and upgrading your character and outfits is quite a challenge, so if you think you have what it takes to become a powerful Ninja or Shinigami, come to Pockie Ninja and start your adventure.

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