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Crystal Saga thumb

Crystal Saga

Enter the world of Crystal Saga and create your own tale.

Tame and level pets to accompany you as you explore.

Learn to fly with your own wings and use them in your fight against epic monsters.

Enter the world of Crystal Saga in this free browser based MMO.

Tame and level pets to accompany you as you explore.

Learn to fly with your own wings and use them in your fight against epic monsters.

Crystal Saga is one of the most popular browser based MMORPG’s there is and was selected in 2011 as the best available. It has many of the usual role playing games aspects as well with some nice features, all with a decent 2.5D graphics adds up to a pretty good MMORPG you can play anywhere, anytime.

First you need to pick your class, there are five distinct classes to choose from, each with it’s own role, while there are no further class development options these five classes will suffice for the casual player. the classes are very different, both in their style and in their skills progression so creating a new char is viable for a change of pace.

You gain levels by killing monsters and completing quests. quests are big part in Crystal Saga as there is a main quest that will take you through many levels and will introduce you to all the features in the game. since the experience rate from monsters is pretty low, doing quests is very important as they give big chunks of experience at once.

Every level will reward three stat points to spend on the four main attributes and every second level you will receive a skill point to spend in the skill tree. there is plenty of information in the character screen with helpful explanations about your character combat abilities. In the skill menu there are two main skill trees, and the one point per two levels makes skill leveling rather slow. you can reset your skills for free at level 50, but it is best to choose the right skills wisely from the beginning as making mistakes will lower your leveling rate.

Crystal Saga’s interface is simple and coherent, everything you need is displayed on screen with plenty of hotkeys for quick access, the map is highly detailed and quests tracking and moving between areas is simple with the auto pathing. just click on the area or the quest and your character will walk alone, freeing you from finding your way in the game’s vast world.

One of the best things about Crystal saga is the AFK mode. since the experience from monsters is rather low, and this is a browser game Crystal Saga fixes that with it’s great AFK system. This allows you to go to an area, choose which monsters you wish to kill as well which skills and items to use and what loot to pick, and your character will do all the rest. leave it be for hours for great experience or farming quest items, no need to click on all the monsters. Activating AFK mode doesn’t prevent you from changing things as you can still equip items and use consumables. This mode is a fantastic feature as it frees you from the need to keep track on your character in the mindless task of grinding when you lack the exp to reach the next level and unlock a quest.

When it comes to equipment and upgrading Crystal Saga doesn’t fail. The game has some cool features likes mounts and wings that will increase your abilities, and everything is upgradeable. While upgrading your gear is a usually a simple task that requires somewhat easy to obtain ingredients, upgrading your pet and wings takes special items that are only obtainable from dungeons, so form a party and go hunt for those precious ingredients if you want to fully unlock your character potential.

If you feel alone and want some companion, go and catch yourself a pet, every creature in the game can be tamed and used as a pet, you can have several pets in your disposal, and as you kill monsters they will gain experience and level as well, you can also equip your pet with items, increasing it’s power and make it a valuable asset.

At level 30 you can start upgrading your soul, this feature will grant you additional bonuses and requires a lot of effort and ingredients, so it’s best to have some friends to help you when you try a dungeon. In Crystal Saga you can form parties, join guilds and even marry other players. There is also the option for players to start a battle with other players or go into evil mode and kill other players.

Crystal saga features many daily events and interesting stuff to do, the quest line seems deep and well designed, the graphics while not the best are reasonable for a browser game, the game's easy access from anywhere, without download and the useful AFK system makes Crystal Saga a good game that can still be challenging while staying simple and rewarding.

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