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Priston Tale

Priston Tale Review Online MMO 3D Anime
Games Like Priston Tale Play Now Choose from either the Morion or Tempskron tribes and get access to unique classes with each.

Take part in large scale clan vs clan battles to see who can take control of the castle.

Engage in exciting GM held events that grant the players some major rewards.

Priston Tale is a classic client based MMORPG developed by Yedang Online. It is one of the first ever successful MMORPGs since it has been around for over 10 years now. The game was released for the first time back in 2001 and during its early years it managed to earn some awards for its development but overtime the population of the game decayed as players moved onto newer MMORPGs but the legend of Priston Tale lives on and it is still a great experience and is certainly worth giving a shot.

At the start of the game you’ll be asked to select from one of two factions or ‘tribes’. These are the Morion and the Tempskron tribes. The Morion tribe is focused towards magic and holy power whereas the Tempskron tribe is emphasizes on technological advancement as opposed to magic.

Each tribe has its own set of classes to choose from and the starting city and quests you get during the game will vary quite a bit early on depending on what tribe you choose. There are up to ten classes and that is great but the one downside here is that these classes are gender locked so you can’t have a female knight or a male priest.

Getting into the actual game world, when you start the game off you’ll have a pet accompanying you during your early levels. This pet basically assists you in combat and provides helpful tips from time to time. The gameplay of Priston Tale, even after all these years, is still better than a lot of current MMORPGs out there. Each class has a huge variety of different spells and skills to choose from and combat feels really intense and fast paced especially in large scale boss fights where you have to coordinate as a party to take the lethal boss down.

One of the best things about Priston Tale is that even after all these years, the game still has a solid playerbase and all of these players are extremely dedicated. There’s also a sense of community in the game since a lot of the players have been playing for a really long time so everyone kind of knows everyone which creates a nice atmosphere.

The players are also extremely helpful since they don’t hesitate to give new players gold or equipment to help them get started out.

One department where Priston Tale is rather lackluster is the graphics department but this doesn’t really come as a surprise since the game has been around for so long. This in no way means that the graphics are bad however as the ability and skill animations still look extremely fluid but all in all, the graphics are average at best.

Priston Tale also has a cash shop where you can purchase some ‘premium’ objects by using Suba Points. Suba Points are basically acquired by paying for them with real money and can be used to by decorative gear for your character and sometimes things like Mana boosts or Life steal objects.

The best part about the cash shop of Priston Tale is that there’s a scratch card feature where players can basically scratch a card to earn rewards which can be in the form of Suba points or some sets of equipment from the shop itself.

Priston Tale is an MMORPG that has been great right from its initial release and to this date it lives up to its name and provides a great experience to all players.
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