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Games Like Total War Arena

Games Like Total War Arena Take command of your own battalions and work with your team to dominate the battlefield

Capture the opposing team’s bases or completely decimate your enemies to win the match

Unlock new units and commanders from 4 distinct civilizations and improve them via upgrades
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Games Like Battlerite


- Rate Experience intense team arena action in this spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions

Play in highly competitive and fast-paced, ranked matches of 2v2 or 3v3 where skill and teamwork truly matter

Perform battlerites to customize your champions' skillsets or try a new champion out of the 15 available instead
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Games Like Line of Sight

Line of Sight

- Rate Enjoy this innovative shooter game that’s quite unlike any other.

Annihilate your foes by fine-tuning your weapons to an extensive degree.

Join a clan and participate in fun filled matches alongside your clan mates.
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Games Like Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

- Rate Lead your team against a swarm of aliens coming your way in Alien Swarm Reactive Drop.

Enjoy up to 10 unique campaign modes with exciting maps.

Wield the most lethal weapons and wreak havoc upon the enemies.
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Games Like Star Colony

Star Colony

- Rate Experience mobile MOBA gameplay on the PC with this SCI-Fi game combo based on 2 popular RTS titles from 2 different RTS styles.

Employ strategies and tactics that can be both found and applied in both PC and Mobile RTS gaming.

Use the game as a trainer in both micro-management and critical thinking while being immersed and having fun with the gameplay.

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Games Like Angry Birds Evolution

Angry Birds Evolution

- Rate Aim and shoot the enemies to fight evil in Angry Birds Evolution.

Hatch, upgrade and evolve your angry birds to fight the toughest piggies.

Create your guild or join one to battle it out with players around the globe.
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Games Like Football Master

Football Master

10 Rate Build your dream football club from scratch.

Recruit your first star player.

Learn tactics and strategies so you can defeat your opponents.
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Games Like Hawk - Freedom Squadron

Hawk - Freedom Squadron

- Rate Play Hawk - Freedom Squadron and destroy the Autocrat’s armadas in this arcade aerial shooter.

Use a broad range of aircraft upgrades to strengthen your craft to complete various missions.

Defeat enemies that number by the dozens and bosses that can’t even fit the entire screen.
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Games Like Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands

- Rate Dive into the world of Durago: Wild Lands and explore a lush and primitive world with dinosaurs.

Survive and thrive in its dangerous islands: build shelters, craft weapons, and form tribes with other players.

Do whatever you want in this open-world survival RPG: hunt and cook animals while mining resources to build your own settlement.
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Games Like

- Rate Play offline and test your skills against AI controlled opponents.

Test different weapon types and master them before heading into your favorite Battle Royale Game.

Go head to head with other players in multiplayer mode and put your skills to the test.
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Games Like Tango 5

Tango 5

- Rate Play Tango 5 and immerse yourself in deep yet simple 5v5 PvP gameplay with players around the world.

Capture battlefield objectives or annihilate the opposing team through sheer teamwork and strategy.

Be treated to a colorful cast of characters and console-level graphics and gameplay!
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Games Like Quake Champions

Quake Champions

- Rate Select a champion, customize it to your liking and head into an intense MMOFPS battle

Experience an improved yet iconically fast-paced Quake gameplay backed with incredible graphics

Enjoy a “fragging” good time in team-based matches or solo ones on the game’s brilliantly-designed maps
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Games Like Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100

- Rate Get the chance to play one of the forerunners of today’s RTTS games.

Engage in a classic point and click slugfest where well designed units and quantity is the name of the game.

Experience what it was like to play RTTS in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and compare the difference with what we have today.
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Games Like

- Rate Dive into the thrilling arcade-like tank wars in

Customize your tank to your liking and dominate the battlefield

Get kills, earn points and climb up the ranks to the very top
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Games Like Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale

- Rate Battle it out in a massive open world map in Grand Battle Royale.

Fight against players from all over the world.

Explore and search for weapons to defeat the enemy.
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Games Like Brain/Out


- Rate Look to the Left or look to the Right before you run, shoot all your opponents and have lots of fun.

Hear your footsteps as you run from area to area within the map but be careful as someone might suddenly pop up behind or in front of you and take the score for him or herself.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you run, jump and shoot your way through map after map of complex levels and obstacles while your opponents try to make target practice out of you.

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