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Games Like Forces Conquer

Games Like Forces Conquer We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Forces Conquer here:

Join the eccentric world war battles as you build your army and recruit your generals in this exhilarating strategy game.

Form league on your side and join the war together with your allies and invade countries to gain their resources.

Upgrade your forces and buildings in your base to earn leverage for your fighting units over the battles.
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Games Like Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike

- Rate Enjoy this delightful strategy game that’s quite unlike the rest.

Control toy army men, remote control planes and even rubber ducks as you try to annihilate your opponents.

Build your headquarters and turn it into a fortified base that no one would dare to invade.
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Games Like World War 2: 1942

World War 2: 1942

- Rate Play WW2: 1942 and immerse yourself in a strategy game that deals with alternate history!

Assemble cards representing your armies and defend your positions!

Turn the tide of war in your favor as you fight in various European villages against enemy troops and bosses.
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Games Like Alert of War

Alert of War

- Rate Recruit your army and send them into battle against the Soviet Union

Improve your troops, build up your base and upgrade your commander's skills

Engage other players at the Arena or pillage their bases via Base Plunder

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Games Like BattleRush


- Rate Engage yourself in a new MMOFPS game that will take you back to the battle fields of WW2 where you can experience the ground based combat of those times.

Get into gear depending on which side you choose to enlist in, get right into the game and kick some enemy butt.

Run, take cover, shoot, ride a vehicle or build defenses, it's up to you. Take advantage of the game's crafting features and help your team win the game.

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Games Like GUNS UP!


- Rate Grab hold and download a copy of GUNS UP!, a military strategy tower defense and offense game in the Playstation 4.

Build the strongest and impenetrable base, and build your army to destroy your enemies.

Time your deployments at the right time and use your resources wisely in your conquest!
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Games Like Garena Contra: Return

Garena Contra: Return

- Rate Shoot through familiar enemies in action-packed adrenaline-inducing stages.

There are tons of weapons and characters to unlock.

There are 6 different game modes to unlock and conquer.
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Games Like XERA: Survival

XERA: Survival

- Rate Explore the map to gather precious loot like weapons, armor, and food

Take on hostile robots and also other players to obtain the best items

Participate in events and remember to return to the settlement to store your loot!
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Games Like Metro Conflict:The Origin

Metro Conflict:The Origin

- Rate Play as a Merc for either of 2 sides, the PLF or the USS as you complete objectives and take down the other side.

Rely on your skill as a FPS gamer as you either team up with or battle other players online.

Enjoy the great graphics and fast game play as you encounter the beautiful ladies of Metro Conflict in the battle field.
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Games Like Stalker Online

Stalker Online

- Rate Learn all about the game while playing it as it is the best way to find out what the game is really all about.

Visit and explore the Inclusion Zone as described by the Film and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series.

Play with your team or clan as you face the dangers of the Zone helping each other out, or dare to brave it all alone by yourself.
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Games Like CS2D


- Rate Join servers online and slug it out with other CS players in 2D or play alone with bots.

Play just like you play regular CS with all the same characters, sides, maps, weapons and game play.

Experience CounterStrike from a top down perspective as you realize your enjoying the game just the same.
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Games Like Iron Sky

Iron Sky

- Rate Fight for either the Azure Alliance or the Imperial Empire

Build bases and armies to conquer various territories on the planet of Atlantis

Perform research and upgrades to unlock new units and advance your empire
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Games Like Command & Conquer: Rivals PVP

Command & Conquer: Rivals PVP

- Rate Dive into the War of Tiberium in Command & Conquer: Rivals PvP and unleash devastating attacks on your foes.

Build your base, create your units, gather resources, and devise strategies to conquer the control points.

Dominate rivals in quick matches where speed and strategy are of the essence.
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Games Like Frontline Defense 2

Frontline Defense 2

10 Rate Strategize and position your army to stop and destroy waves of enemies coming your way.

Build towers and create weapons powerful to crush your foes, leave them in heaps of scrap metal, and defend your base.

Shop for new weapons, encounter a variety of countless enemies, cause mayhem, and cruise to victory!
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Games Like Counter Shooter

Counter Shooter

- Rate Shoot down your opponents quickly as they appear in front of you or suffer the consequences of an untimely demise.

Play in First Person Shooter shooter mode where aiming and shooting is the name of the game and nothing more.

Develop one of the foremost skills needed to survive as a player in the FPS world.

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Games Like Rocking Pilot

Rocking Pilot

- Rate Set off on a daring and possibly suicidal task to end a war all on your own

Unlock upgrades to your trusty helicopter as you slice, deflect and shoot your way to victory

Enjoy the game’s many game modes and push your arcade shooting skills to the limits
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