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Games Like Elvenar

Games Like Elvenar Explore a gorgeous world as you build up a huge city for either the Humans or the Elves.

Choose to negotiate or fight your way around the countryside as you expand your borders and seek to create your own kingdom.

Enjoy stunning graphics and fun gameplay in a brilliant browser game.
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Games Like Wargame 1942

Wargame 1942

- Rate Influence the fate of the world by joining the Second World War

Set up a strong economy to support your military operations

Mobilize your troops to defend your country from hostile invasions
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Games Like Overlords of War

Overlords of War

9.2 Rate Side with the forces of good or evil in a struggle to claim the powers of the “Sealed Sword”

Recruit heroes to your army and deploy them to the battlefield

Ally with other players in factions and participate in both PvE and PvP events
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Games Like Grepolis


- Rate Start off with a simple town and transform it into a flourishing empire through your leadership skills.

Launch strategic attacks on your opponents by utilizing many different kinds of units in your army composition.

Call upon the power of the gods and make use of their epic spells to wreak havoc on your opponents.
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Games Like Ork Buster

Ork Buster

- Rate Defend the Forbidden Lands from the invasion of the Orks

Build and upgrade towers, improve your hero, and use various available skills to win the battle

Engage in exciting duels with other players, or team up with them instead to run dungeons
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Games Like Dungeoneers


- Rate Explore dungeons and find loot.

Upgrade your equipment so you can become more powerful against monsters.

Exercise some strategy and be victorious over your opponents.
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Games Like Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans

- Rate Control colossal titans and large armies in Dawn of Titans, and lead your side to ultimate victory!

Summon gigantic god-like warriors of the old and equip them with the strongest weapons and gear to help win your battles.

Build a powerful kingdom, launch attacks against others, and forge alliances with your friends.
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Games Like Under Siege

Under Siege

10 Rate Fight off ferocious creatures in this fun filled tower defense experience you can’t miss out on.

Create a the most massive castle the world has ever seen and utilize it to create new methods to help defend against the invaders.

Hire heroes from across the land to aid you in combat during the most difficult of battles.
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Games Like Last Empire: War Z

Last Empire: War Z

5 Rate Join the exhilarating battle of survival against the hordes of zombies in this brilliant strategy game.

Scour the different resources needed to purchase infrastructures to get you progress in the game.

Advance the game by successfully carrying out your survival quests and missions.
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Games Like Magerealm: Rise of Chaos

Magerealm: Rise of Chaos

10 Rate The Holy City has fallen and the land is under siege as one of the last protectors it falls to you to defend it.

Use heroes and your guardian angel to boost your combat prowess.

Enjoy mini dungeons, world bosses and guild meetings in a stunning new MMORPG.
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Games Like Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier

- Rate Engaging zombie survival game.

Explore the massive game world and escape the zombie threat.

Kill as many zombies as possible.
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Games Like Sentinel Heroes

Sentinel Heroes

9 Rate Sentinel Heroes is a new turn based mmo strategy game. Defend the town of Sentinel against the invading undead.

Choose your hero and equip them for battle.

Recruit other heroes to fight at your side.

Use your characters effectively in fun turn based combat.
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Games Like Storm of Wars

Storm of Wars

- Rate Command an army of heroes and generals.

Take over and occupy resource areas.

Attack other players and gain valuable loot as well as experience.
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Games Like Iron Sky

Iron Sky

- Rate Fight for either the Azure Alliance or the Imperial Empire

Build bases and armies to conquer various territories on the planet of Atlantis

Perform research and upgrades to unlock new units and advance your empire
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Games Like Dead Island Epidemic

Dead Island Epidemic

9 Rate Kill zombies with your friends on large maps.

Unlock new and impressive weapons to help you in battles.

Engage into fun PvP battles with enemies from all over the world.
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Games Like Merc Elite

Merc Elite

5.8 Rate Equip and guide your hero in a tactical battle against real people from all over the world.

Choose two of the best mercenaries to stand at your side and aid you in battle.

Use a great cover system to enhance your battles and make them feel more realistic.

Level-up to gain access to the latest weapons and skills.
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