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Games Like Cuisine Royale

Games Like Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale is a third-person battle royale game fought with guns, food and kitchen utensils.

Originally made as a joke by the developers of Enlisted, it has evolved into a full-fledged standalone title.

Drop into the battlefield and be the last man standing in the ever-dwindling play area!
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Games Like Knives Out

Knives Out

- Rate Dive into a 6.4 square kilometer island in Knives Out and fight your way against 99 adversaries to be the last warrior standing.

Loot weapons from abandoned buildings and houses from pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles.

Team up with your friends or survive alongside a buddy.
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Games Like P.A.S.


- Rate In P.A.S., participate in a TV show where losing means certain death, but it’s your only way to escape.

Dive into the game’s 2x2 km map with 63 other players and find weapons, armor, and different equipment to survive.

Collect money from across the map and buy purchase abilities that will help you win!
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Games Like PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

- Rate PUBG has arrived on mobile phones with PUBG Mobile. Dive straight into the island and compete with 99 other players.

Pick up weapons and gear to survive, drive vehicles to escape the storm.

Become the last man standing and win your very own chicken dinner.
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Games Like H1Z1


- Rate Become the last standing survivor in this captivating Battle Royale game that defined an entire genre.

Enjoy the exciting Auto Royale mode in which the action never stops as you drive around causing mayhem.

Acquire powerful weapons as a match progresses and use them to annihilate your opponents.
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Games Like Last Battleground: Survival

Last Battleground: Survival

- Rate Enter the battlefield in Last Battleground: Survival and emerge from it as the last man standing.

Drop into a deserted island using a parachute, loot weapons and equipment, and take out enemies.

Move into the safe zone to escape the storm and take part in a battle royale experience on mobile platforms.
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Games Like Guns and Robots

Guns and Robots

- Rate Build your own robot and use it to obliterate anyone who stands in your path.

Choose from multitudes of weapons, each with its own strengths and benefits to offer.

Use your superior skills to outmaneuver enemy robots and achieve victory.
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Games Like Still Alive: Survival PvP

Still Alive: Survival PvP

- Rate Experience a fast-paced 3D anime inspired battle arena.

It has three different characters with unique arsenal of weapons to choose from.

Train up and master your skills, and climb up the ranks.
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Games Like Crossout


- Rate Go across post-apocalyptic wastes in Crossout, made by the creators of War Thunder.

Engage in fast-paced vehicular battles against your enemies, set in a terrible yet exciting world.

Upgrade your vehicle and equip it with various weapons, from machine guns to rocket launchers.
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Games Like Time of Dragons

Time of Dragons

- Rate Play death-match battles online with thousands of participants.

Choose among 7 different classes of dragons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Equip your fighting unit with assortments of weapons and supplies in-between the matches.
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Games Like Captain Starshot

Captain Starshot

- Rate Be prepared to fight for all of humanity as it faces its biggest threat yet

Take charge of a space crew and fight your way through hordes of alien invaders

Destroy the alien spaceships and rescue your fellow humans that have been captured
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Games Like Loadout


- Rate Annihilate your enemies and blow them to smithereens in this wacky shooter game that you cannot miss out on.

Customize your weapon and turn it into an awesome piece of equipment that’ll be feared by all.

Enjoy the many different in-game maps, each with their own strategies and play patterns.
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Games Like Zombie Hunter Inc

Zombie Hunter Inc

- Rate Apply and join the prestigious Zombie Hunter Inc as a zombie hunter-for-hire

Carry out missions to save various stranded survivors... for a price

Have fun gunning down zombies by the dozen with your friends in survival mode
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Games Like Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

- Rate Grab a weapon and battle 31 other players on a giant map getting into all kinds of trouble

Search and loot various different power-ups to help you in your fight to be the last man standing

Experience the game in its solo mode or team up with a friend in its duo mode
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Games Like Livelock


9.5 Rate Stop evil robots from preventing the rebirth of the living with a combat drone of your choice

Use your arsenal of abilities and weapons to carve out a path of destruction with your team mates

Upgrade your drones with the best gear and enjoy some explosive co-op action in Livelock!
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Games Like Realm Royale

Realm Royale

- Rate Enjoy this exciting new battle royale game that’s been turning heads ever since it was released.

Pick a character of your preference from the various different classes available.

Speed through the map on horseback and take down anyone who stands in your path.
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