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Games Like Crossout

Games Like Crossout Go across post-apocalyptic wastes in Crossout, made by the creators of War Thunder.

Engage in fast-paced vehicular battles against your enemies, set in a terrible yet exciting world.

Upgrade your vehicle and equip it with various weapons, from machine guns to rocket launchers.
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Games Like Tanki X

Tanki X

- Rate Experience an arcade-like tank battle like no other in Tanki X

Customize every part of your tank to build a tank that fits your playstyle

Enjoy playing in the game’s many breathtaking maps and exciting game modes
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Games Like Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb

- Rate Enter the year 2020, set in the desolated ruins of London City.

A shell of the former glorious city now stands as a battle ground among Private Military Companies.

Take control over the city's abandoned riches and win the battles in this exhilarating and futuristic first person shooter game.
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Games Like APB: Reloaded

APB: Reloaded

- Rate Immerse yourself in this fast-paced MMO shooting game in which there’s never a dull moment.

Utilize the amazing character creation menu to make your very own avatar that’s according to your likings.

Make your way through and game to get your hands on high quality equipment that’ll give you an edge during combat scenarios.
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Games Like Battle Cars

Battle Cars

8 Rate Build a heavily armed monster car and take on your opponents.

Blaze away with your guns and destroy your enemies.

Use the points you earned in battle to buy new cars or augment your existing vehicle.
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Games Like Quake Champions

Quake Champions

- Rate Select a champion, customize it to your liking and head into an intense MMOFPS battle

Experience an improved yet iconically fast-paced Quake gameplay backed with incredible graphics

Enjoy a “fragging” good time in team-based matches or solo ones on the game’s brilliantly-designed maps
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Games Like World of Tanks

World of Tanks

8.6 Rate Engage in massive tank battles in a huge highly detailed environment with people from all around the world.

Win skirmishes with your team and earn money to purchase better tanks and upgrade them for better performance.

Enjoy realistic settings, use tactics and avoid the enemy fire in order to emerge victorious.
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Games Like Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms

7.5 Rate Combat and defeat your foes in intense fast paced and reflex intensive combat.

Purchase and customize weapons exactly the way you want them.

Work your way up the ranks while earning achievements and trophies.
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Games Like Hazard Ops

Hazard Ops

- Rate Immerse yourself in this genre defining game that's packed with action and intensity.

Fight multitudes of different enemies ranging from terrifying zombies to destructive mechs.

Fight against live players from around the world in engaging PvP modes or take on hordes of monsters in the incredible PvE modes.
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Games Like Battleline: Steel Warfare

Battleline: Steel Warfare

9 Rate Battleline: Steel Warfare provides a great, action packed gameplay.

MOBA mechanics with a real time decision making twist.

The game offers a tank upgrade system and the possibility to unlock new tanks as you play.
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Games Like War Machines

War Machines

- Rate Engage in an epic tank battle in War Machines.

Enjoy three amazing multiplayer game modes.

Unlock a huge variety of the meanest tanks and upgrade them in your garage.
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Games Like Xatrium: The Last Empire

Xatrium: The Last Empire

- Rate Go up against other mech pilots in a third person armored shooter battle arena.

Fight with hovertanks with futuristic designs and an assortment of armaments and protection selected via garage options.

Play online with other players or AI bots to win and amass the Xatrium needed to advance through the ranks in the game.
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Games Like Global Agenda

Global Agenda

10 Rate Set you pace over the futuristic battles of this MMO title that enlists a first person shooter type of play.

Select from different four different base classes of characters and fully customize their gears later on.

Engage on its exhilarating PvP System and battle against thousands of players around the world.
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Games Like Fleet Glory

Fleet Glory

- Rate Choose from a healthy selection of World War II warships in Fleet Glory and decimate your enemies on the blue sea.

Bring destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers to the battlefield and go to war with your friends against other players.

Enjoy intense battles with intuitive controls and fantastic graphics.
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Games Like Battlerite


- Rate Experience intense team arena action in this spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions

Play in highly competitive and fast-paced, ranked matches of 2v2 or 3v3 where skill and teamwork truly matter

Perform battlerites to customize your champions' skillsets or try a new champion out of the 15 available instead
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Games Like Darkwind: War on Wheels

Darkwind: War on Wheels

- Rate Expand your game on multiple interesting elements to build your avatar’s statistics.

Enjoy tons of variety in your vehicle’s build – each with a high degree of customization.

Get onto some unique co-op or PVP gameplay with a huge following from other online players.
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