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Games Like Blacklight: Retribution

Games Like Blacklight: Retribution Immerse yourself in this highly addictive shooting game that takes place in a unique futuristic setting.

Utilize special technologies to track down and pinpoint the locations of your enemies so you can annihilate them.

Customize your character’s loadout by choosing from the insane variety of weapons and equipment available.
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Games Like Tanki X

Tanki X

- Rate Experience an arcade-like tank battle like no other in Tanki X

Customize every part of your tank to build a tank that fits your playstyle

Enjoy playing in the game’s many breathtaking maps and exciting game modes
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Games Like TDP4 Team Battle

TDP4 Team Battle

- Rate Run, crouch, crawl or jump as you avoid obstacles while shooting your opponents in this fast action-packed sidescroller of a game.

Experience a game play that crosses games like Super Mario, Sonic and CounterStrike into one multi-player slugfest.

Feel the tension building up all the way from your keyboard to your fingers and up to your brain and holler as you get pummeled by the other guy.

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Games Like Loadout


- Rate Annihilate your enemies and blow them to smithereens in this wacky shooter game that you cannot miss out on.

Customize your weapon and turn it into an awesome piece of equipment that’ll be feared by all.

Enjoy the many different in-game maps, each with their own strategies and play patterns.
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Games Like Metro Conflict:The Origin

Metro Conflict:The Origin

- Rate Play as a Merc for either of 2 sides, the PLF or the USS as you complete objectives and take down the other side.

Rely on your skill as a FPS gamer as you either team up with or battle other players online.

Enjoy the great graphics and fast game play as you encounter the beautiful ladies of Metro Conflict in the battle field.
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Games Like Forces of Freedom

Forces of Freedom

9.5 Rate Fight against the enemies in this epic third person shooter game Forces of Freedom.

Select a soldier from a huge variety of riflemen and snipers.

Play as a team with players from all over the world.
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Games Like Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade

- Rate Play Allies vs Axis in this funny mobile FPS shooter that brings back WW2 exactly the way we don’t remember it.

Experience immersive fun, humor and frustration all at the same time.

Mimics an on-line multi-player game classic that almost everybody loves, brought to life in this mobile game re-incarnation.
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Games Like Critical Mission SWAT

Critical Mission SWAT

9.2 Rate Join the elite SWAT teams in a fast paced action shooter game.

Choose to play from the 1st person or 3rd person as you battle.

Choose your equipment loadout and dominate your opponents.
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Games Like Midair


- Rate Play Midair and experience the thrill of a first-person shooter game with a huge twist: jetpacks!

Fly across the terrain and shoot down enemies as your soar and invade their base to take their flag.

Customize your character and decide which stat to prioritize: speed, armor, or firepower!
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Games Like BlackShot: Revolution

BlackShot: Revolution

- Rate Play test a newly upgraded game that sports a balanced game play system, is free2play and now minimally pay2win.

Go up against bots or other online players in team based or death match scenarios where the FPS combat is competitive and intense as ever.

Carries on with the original game albeit much improved in terms of game play, cosmetics, weapons and user interface specially for those starting with the game.
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Games Like CS2D


- Rate Join servers online and slug it out with other CS players in 2D or play alone with bots.

Play just like you play regular CS with all the same characters, sides, maps, weapons and game play.

Experience CounterStrike from a top down perspective as you realize your enjoying the game just the same.
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Games Like LawBreakers


- Rate Experience the way First Person Shooters where played during the hay day of Unreal Tournament and Quake.

Learn to take advantage of gravity or the lack of it and gain the skill required to frag your opponent in this fast, bloody and furious game.

Engage in skill based combat the way the pro-gamers of the 90's and even today do it. No fancy stuff or things that make it easy. Frag your opponent fair and square or be fragged instead.

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Games Like The Ultimatest Battle

The Ultimatest Battle

- Rate Experience a new arcade shooter, team based side-scrolling game with lots of action and explosions on screen.

Go head-to-head against the enemy team in the spirit of MMOFPS games set in a cute 2D world.

Protect your Princess from enemy Nubs or steal theirs if you can.
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Games Like Metal Assault

Metal Assault

- Rate Enjoy some exhilarating action in this 2D anime-style arcade shooter

Play with or against your friends on a variety of amazingly-designed maps

Experience a fun campaign alone or play co-op with your friends

(Only available in certain countries due to country IP restrictions)
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Games Like Global Strike

Global Strike

4 Rate Choose from various PvP modes and compete with other players around the globe.

Save up credits so you can buy the most powerful weapon in the shop.

Use your FPS skills to the test with this exciting Facebook game.
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Games Like Destiny 2

Destiny 2

- Rate Embark on epic adventures across the solar system in this phenomenal MMOFPS that doesn’t cease to impress at all.

Create your own guardian by picking from the multiple available class options and customize it with epic gear as you progress through the game.

Test your skills against players from around the world in the exceptionally crafted PvP modes that do not disappoint.
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