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Kings of War thumb

Kings of War

Recruit powerful heroes to lead your army and upgrade them

Conquer rival cities on the world map and expand your faction’s territory

Develop your own city by gathering resources and investing them in building upgrades

Recruit powerful heroes to lead your army and upgrade them

Conquer rival cities on the world map and expand your faction’s territory

Develop your own city by gathering resources and investing them in building upgrades

Kings of War is an MMO game that has an intriguing blend of elements from both RPG and strategy. Set in, presumably, a fictionalized version of ancient Greece, you’ll play as a general who is embroiled in the conflict between the three major warring factions, Sparta, Thebes and Athens. The game will have you recruit the best heroes to led your battalions, develop your city so that it’s prosperous, and conquer rival territories. If you do well, you might even rise up the ranks and end up being crowned as King of the faction you’ve fought for!

To start, you’ll have to choose a faction to side with. There are 3 factions in this game, namely Sparta, Thebes and Athens. If you couldn’t decide – admittedly, they are all great choices, you can choose the Random option instead. As a nice little bonus, you will get some free premium cash if you do choose this option.

Kings of War is pretty similar to many other browser-based MMO strategy/RPGs in the sense that it requires you to assemble a team of great heroes, upgrade them, equip them with the best gear you have, and make sure they are in the best possible fighting shape so they can easily take on any enemy you decide to attack.

Each hero comes with their own battalion of troops and the type of units they lead differ from hero to hero, be it lancers, archers or knights. Like their leaders, these battalions can also be upgraded. You can do so by upgrading the 4 types of barracks which you’d have built in your city after going through the tutorial.

Since it’s also an empire-building game (well, somewhat), Kings of War provides you with a city to develop alongside your heroes and armies. There isn’t really much to do in your city except to build whatever buildings you have unlocked and making sure to return frequently to upgrade them.

Ready to get your weapon of choice bloodied? Well, most of the combat you’ll be doing would happen on the world map. Here, you can order your troops to attack rival cities or to defend friendly ones. Your goal here is to help your faction expand your faction’s territory as wide as possible just so you will have access to more cities and hence, be able to collect more loot. You see, in this game, each city provides a chest containing a single equipment or resources that you can pick up simply by visiting said city… though sometimes, you may encounter a band of thieves that you’ll need to dispatch of.

The cities in Kings of War change hands pretty frequently as well, so the region landscape does change rather often, with one faction capturing a swathe of new cities just to lose them within the next hour.

Combat in this game is pretty much automated since auto-combat is provided. However, the main deciding factor, side from your Power rating, is how you arrange your troop formation prior to battle. Each type of units has advantages and disadvantages against another type of units, so if you’re using the correct type, you find that your battles will end more smoothly. By killing enemies, you’ll also earn Battle Merits, along with some experience points, which you can then exchange for a host of equipment.

Unlike many other browser MMOs, Kings of War unlocks its PvP arena pretty early on in the game. This is mainly because you’ll get to farm for Soul Crystals by defeating other players there and these crystals can in turn be exchanged for valuable Soul Stones which you’ll need to evolve your heroes.

There is also a PvE campaign called Sand-table Drill for you to earn some extra loot, aside from the co-op-style world map. There isn’t much storyline here but these battles can grant you quite a bit of experience points.

The graphics aren’t exactly on par with some action RPGs I’ve reviewed in the past, but they do look rather breathtaking for a browser-based game. The sound is pretty well-done too. It sounds like the sort of war music that happens to be both solemn and inspirational at the same time.

All in all, Kings of War is an entertaining and decent MMO game where constant warfare is its main attraction. On the world map at least, you’ll never find yourself having nothing to do. Even if you don’t feel like PvPing, you can always engage in some PvE, develop your city, or simply visit the many cities your faction controls to collect some free loot. The game truly has something fun for every different type of MMO player!

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