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Iron Sky thumb

Iron Sky

Fight for either the Azure Alliance or the Imperial Empire

Build bases and armies to conquer various territories on the planet of Atlantis

Perform research and upgrades to unlock new units and advance your empire

Fight for either the Azure Alliance or the Imperial Empire

Build bases and armies to conquer various territories on the planet of Atlantis

Perform research and upgrades to unlock new units and advance your empire

Iron Sky is a brand-new MMO strategy game that puts a pretty cool sci-fi twist to World War II by setting the game on an alien planet called Atlantis. In this game, you’ll get to play as either the Azure Alliance (the Allies) or the Imperial Empire (the Soviet Union) in the war that had broken out on the planet. Build bases to expand your influence, amass a cybernetic army, and defeat all the enemies who stand in your way!

To begin your campaign of conquest, you will need to choose between one of two factions, namely the Azure Alliance and Imperial Empire. If you don’t really mind which side you fight for, then it might be best if you choose the one with the faction reward. Having some free gems is always a good thing. You will also get to choose an avatar out of the 4 available.

The gameplay in Iron Sky is pretty much the same as in most MMO strategy games you play on your browser. You’ll need to construct various buildings and keep them upgraded. All of this consumes resources (usually metal and crystals) so you’ll need to set up and develop your resource-producing buildings first of all. Considering that you only have 1 building slot, it’s great that the game allows you to speed up processes that have a duration of 1 minute or less for free. If not, you’ll then need to spend gems to do so.

It’s interesting to note that the level of your buildings can exceed the level of your Control Room. However, the game regulates your progress by adding in an energy meter. Upgrades will consume more energy and the only way to increase your energy level to accommodate more upgrades is by upgrading your Control Room.

As you progress, you will eventually get to set up colonies in other regions around the planet. This is a great way for you to gather more resources. However, these bases cannot be defended by traditional means and instead are defended by turrets which you can build at the Defense Center, a special building that only colonies have. Unless you’re a Monthly Cardholder (VIP), you will have to collect your extra resources manually.

Once you unlocked the Strategy Room, you will also gain access to a pretty large upgrade tree. Each branch of the tree can be unlocked using strategy cards and these cards can be earned by diving into another PvE mode called Renegades.

Aside from developing your base, you will need to build an army as well, and you can do that and more via the Military Factory. Here, you not only can recruit troops but also “develop” new Empire units. However, to unlock a new Empire unit, you’ll need to upgrade your military factory first. Oh, and don’t forget to deploy your units in your battle formation before heading into battle!

Combat is automated in Iron Sky, so your Combat Power (CP) and a dash of luck are possibly the only two things that will determine whether you win or lose a fight. However, do take note that the game has a paper-scissors-stone thing going on, so, you might be able to capitalize on that system to maximize your damage and reducing your casualties.

Talking about casualties, your units will need repairs after a battle. You can do so by either bringing your entire fleet back to your base or by using this thing called a Teleporter to bring the unit back for repairs and send it back into the field.

Aside from PvE content like Renegades and Trials, there are PvP arenas you can head over to as well. Here, you can fight other players to obtain exp for your Advisor. By the way, Advisors passively provide your army with extra stats and hence, boost your overall CP.

Fancy giving yourself a nice edge in this game? Well, the game provides tons of attractive rewards to encourage you to top-up. In fact, if you do plan on topping up, you might want to consider putting in $20 just so you can get a Monthly Card. You will not only get a ton of freebies daily for 30 days, you will also gain some nice Monthly Card Privileges.

Iron Sky doesn’t really bring anything new to the MMO strategy genre, but it’s a pretty solid sci-fi-themed MMO game that you can play for free directly on your browser. Despite its somewhat confusing story, the game does have a fun gameplay, cool graphics, and awesome effects. If you enjoy playing online strategy games, you might want to give this game a go.

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