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Alliance of Tanks thumb

Alliance of Tanks

Enjoy epic tank battles in an amazing turn-based combat

Devise your strategy and take control of the battlefield in both PvE and PvP settings

Grow your army of tanks and upgrade them so they are prepared to take on stronger enemies

Enjoy epic tank battles in an amazing turn-based combat

Devise your strategy and take control of the battlefield in both PvE and PvP settings

Grow your army of tanks and upgrade them so they are prepared to take on stronger enemies

Note: Currently, you can download the game only by downloading its APK file.

Get yourself embroiled in an epic clash of tanks in this fun MMO strategy game, Alliance of Tanks. In this game, you’ll get to build your own army of tanks, strategically deploy them into battle and conquer the world! With a plethora of beautifully-designed tanks for you to unlock as well as tons of campaigns and missions to complete, you’ll definitely find yourself spending hours in this game.

In Alliance of Tanks, each player is given a pretty well-equipped starter base so you could basically start producing tanks for your army. However, before you can do so, you’ll need resources, namely oil, iron, copper and crystals. These resources can be produced via their respective factories which you’ll need to manually build. You can also upgrade these factories to increase their productivity.

There is a rather wide range of tanks for you to unlock and build in this game. To unlock new tanks, you’ll need to upgrade your FV Factory a.k.a. “tank factory”. Your tanks can also be outfitted with a variety of equipment, each of which is responsible for increasing a specific type of stat for your tank. These items can also be upgraded to boost the stats they increase.

The tanks you built must be deployed into your troop before you can send them into battle. There’s a formation you can add your tanks to and this formation is consisted of 2 rows. You can add in 3 squads of tanks (of the same or different type) per row. Although you could manually assign your tanks, you might sometimes want to take the shortcut and use the auto-fill options to fill up your formation with the best tanks you have.

As the turn-based combat system in Alliance of Tanks is completely automated, the tank formation you use is vital to ensure victory. So, be sure to take some time to carefully consider the strategic aspects of your tank formation and the type of tanks you deploy. Sometimes, it is these factors that tip the balance at the battlefield. Not to mention, tanks can get damaged during combat as well, so before heading into another battle, you should remember to repair your damaged tanks.

Of course, aside from your tanks, you should keep your commander upgraded too. There are 3 main ways for you to improve your commander. One of which is by using the Skill Books you’ve earned to increase specific stats. You can also invest the Command Books to upgrade your Command level to subsequently increase the number of troops you can deploy. The last way to improve your commander is by earning and accumulating Prestige from battles and missions so you could rank up your commander.

Once you have the tech lab unlocked, you can even research and upgrade specific “technologies”, such as increasing the health of tanks or boosting the production for a certain resource, there. Researches usually cost a handful of resources in addition to requiring you reach a certain level for your Tech Lab and your commander’s Prestige.

Battles in Alliance of Tanks are mainly localized in the game’s PvE “campaigns” dubbed by the game as “Stages”. Here, you can go on Expeditions, set off on Explorations or participate in Limited-time Events for a chance to win amazing loot. Besides campaigns, you can also mobilize your tanks to attack and capture various Mineral Spots on the Field map. However, if PvE is not your cup of tea, you could take on other actual players on that same map and snatch resources from their respective bases. There’s also a PvP Arena where you can take on another player’s platoon of tanks in a 1-on-1 setting.

If you enjoy playing the game, you should really sign up to join a Legion. There is a plethora of benefits you can gain by simply being a part of a Legion. You don’t only get access to various Legion technologies; you can even participate in Legion dungeons, battles, and the most exciting guild-based PvP event, Legion Garrison. Of course, you’ll need to contribute to your Legion and you’ll get some contribution points in return. These points can then be spent at the Legion shop.

The graphics, as good as they may be in this game, aren’t exactly something to really shout about. However, players who love tanks would enjoy drinking in all the exquisite details of the different types of tanks. In terms of sound, the game doesn’t provide any background music, but it offers sound effects instead.

All in all, Alliance of Tanks is a pretty fun and addictive casual MMO strategy game where tanks get to reign supreme! Although the actual combat is completely automated, you can employ your strategies when you are deploying your tanks in your tank formation. There are also so many types of tanks in this game and they are enough to increase the difficulty in determining the best tank formation for your troop. If you have a love for beautifully-designed tanks and casual MMOs, Alliance of Tanks might just be the game you need. Try it out today!

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