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Rise of Empire: King's Landing

Rise of Empire: King's Landing Review Android StrategyMMO Fast Game Limited 3D
Games Like Rise of Empire: King's Landing Play Now You are the new Lord, rebuild your kingdom and help it prosper.

Explore and survive a world full of magic and mythical creatures.

The wall has been destroyed, prepare your armies, winter is here.

It’s time to dive right back in to King’s Landing, survive and explore a world full of mystic and magic. Be the new lord and rally up your armies as you do your best to gather resources and forge alliances. Winter is here, do you have what it takes to lead your kingdom into prosperity in a world full of vicious creatures?

Rise of Empire: King’s Landing is an MMO real-time strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a new lord in the Seven Kingdoms. You are tasked with leading your people into prosperity as you do your best to rebuild your kingdom and create a powerful army. The game is set in King’s Landing where good alliances will work in your favor. Your people have been preparing for many years now, and winter is finally here. The wall has finally been destroyed by a dragon using ice, magic and now, thousands of wights and white walkers are marching towards your lands. You are the lord now, and the survival of your subjects is in your hands.

The game revolves around base building and resource gathering. The resources you’ll need including food, iron, water, wood, tools and gold. Some of this game’s core mechanics would be familiar for those who have played MMORTS games. You simply need to construct resource-gathering buildings in order to get resources, and from there you can amass a formidable army. Survival is a major theme in the game, with the legion of the undead marching towards your kingdom; you will need to do your best to not only survive, but also to rebuild and prosper.
Resource management would be another central theme of the game as trying to decide where to invest your resources in can be pretty tough. Spend too much on bulking up your army and you’ll find yourself in need of better units and buildings but spending too little may result in countless failed attempts at foiling your enemies’ attacks.

But what I love about the game is the faction system, you will have the chance to join a faction in order to gain help to cut down upgrade time as well as gain valuable resources faster. It really helps the game break out of the pay-to-win mechanic as most MMORTS games do, but optional in-game purchases are still available for those who wish to gain better advantages. Factions help keep the game alive as it would really help get you immersed into the game but you should be careful with your alliances as your ally can do a complete 180 and choose to attack you to get more resources should they wish.

Rise of Empire is more story-driven compared to most MMORTS games as you get to progress chapter by chapter while you go through your objectives. In some way, this system actually gives you a better sense of progression. The story, the music and aesthetics really get you into the medieval fantasy setting which sometimes make hours seem like minutes. So what are you waiting for, download the game now! It’s available for free on Android.
Upgrading buildings in Rise of Empire: King's Landing Rise of Empire: King's Landing: Story-driven chapters Marching your armies in Rise of Empire: King's Landing

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